Residential Plumbing Services

Residential Plumbing Services

Plumb Tite is a full-service company, meaning we essentially can take care of any plumbing need our customers may encounter.    Servicing all parts of Northern Kentucky (including Boone, Kenton, and Campbell Counties), Cincinnati and all surrounding areas in Ohio (such as Mason, Loveland, West Chester, Hamilton, Monroe, Montgomery, Madiera, Kenwood, Indian Hill, Colerain, College Hill, etc…), Southern Indiana, and now Greater Dayton (Kettering, Washington Township, Beavercreek, Huber Heights, Centerville, etc.) Plumb Tite covers an immense area and has several offices located near our customers to ensure they are always receiving the highest level of customer service and licensed plumbers.

A family owned and operated company, we ARE your neighborhood plumbing company and work hard to prove we are a very different company altogether.    We think you deserve BETTER than what has become the norm, and this is why we charge no service fee and feel like we must earn your business each and every trip before you ever commit a dime to us.    Our plumbers are not only masters of their trade, they are also immensely skilled at communication, follow-up and offering lasting solutions that will solve the problem for the best possible prices.

If this seems unlike any other plumbing company you have ever dealt with, this is by design.    We believe you always should receive something more and we are intent upon delivering just that.    We vow to always treat you like our family and suggest work that we would or have done in our own homes.     We look forward to showing you what a service company should be like…

Exterior Work:

  • Gas line repair/replace
  • Main water line repair/replace
  • Main water line trenchless
  • Main water line directional boring
  • French drain installation
  • New septic tank installation

Main Drain Cleaning:

  • Main drain auguring
  • Hydro-jetting services for roots, build up and grease removal
  • Down spout drain cleaing
  • Interior sewer line repair/replacement
  • Exterior sewer line repair/replacement
  • Exterior sewer lining
  • Storm line auguring
  • Storm line hydro-jetting
  • Storm line repair/replacement
  • Root-X Services (tree root removal service)
  • Mian sewer line video inspection
  • Septic Systems and lines auguring
  • Floor drain auguring
  • French Drain auguring
  • Main stack repair/replacement
  • Septic Tank Pumping

Interior Drain Lines and Clogs:

  • Stack Replacement
  • Waste and Overflow repair/replacement
  • Hydro-jetting
  • Video inspection
  • Lateral Line Auguring
  • Lateral line hydro-jetting
  • toilet line auguring
  • Toilet line hydro-jetting
  • Bathroom sink line auguring
  • Bathroom sink line hydro-jetting
  • Tub/shower line auguring
  • Tub/shower line hydro-jetting
  • Kitchen sink line auguring
  • Kitchen sink line hydro-jetting

Kitchen and Bath:

Faucet Replacement

  • Kitchen faucet replacement with Delta, Moen, American Standard and more faucets
  • Kitchen faucet replacement with Touchless Delta, Moen, American Standard and more faucets
  • Waste and/or supply line shut off valves repair/replacement
  • Lavatory faucet replacement (all brands)
  • Lavatory faucet replacement with waste and/or supply line and two shut off valves
  • Owner supplied kitchen faucet replacement
  • Owner supplied lavatory faucet replacement
  • Laundry tub faucet replacement
  • Laundry tub faucet replacement with waste and/or supply line and two shut off valves.
  • Shut off valve replacement

Faucet Repair

  • Kitchen faucet complete repair
  • Kitchen waste or supply line repair
  • Lavatory faucet repair
  • Lavatory waste or supply line repair
  • Pop up Drain Assembly repair


  • Garbage disposer replacement with InSinkErator Badger brands
  • Waste repair/replacement with disposer replacement
  • Owner supplied disposer installation
  • Garbage disposer service repair

Toilet Replacement

  • Two piece toilet replacement (all brands and styles, including ADA compliant)
  • Toilet replacement with Dual Flush
  • Owner supplied toilet installation

Toilet Repair

  • Pull and reset toilet with new wax ring and supply line
  • Flange repair
  • Partial toilet rebuild (no tank removal)
  • Total toilet rebuild with tank removal including seal and bolts)

Shower Replacement

  • Single handle tub/shower valve replacement
  • Three handle tub/shower valve replacement with single handle
  • Tub spout or shower head repalcement
  • Tub waste and overflow replacement with trap
  • Owner supplied tub/shower valve replacement
  • Tub/shower valve repair


  • Pressure regulator valve install
  • main water valve install
  • Expansion tank install
  • Isolation valve replacement
  • Shut off Valve replacement

Sump Pumps & Outside Hose Faucets:

Sump Pumps

  • Sump pump replacement with Zoeller products
  • Check valve replacement
  • Combo sump pump and back up system installation and repair
  • Battery back up sump pump installation
  • Sump Pump Wifi unit install
  • Sump pump service

Outside Hose Faucet

  • Hose bib replacement with freezeless models
  • Hose bib repair or rebuild

Water Heaters:

  • Electric water heater repair/replacement with State commercial grade heaters
  • Gas water heater repair/replacement with State commercial grade heaters
  • Heat pump water heater repair/replacement with State commercial grade heaters
  • Tankless water heater repair/replacement with State commercial grade heaters

Water Heater Service

  • Additional water heater gas fitting rework
  • Water line rework
  • Flew pipe repwork
  • Gas line rework
  • State water heater 4 year tank warranty extension
  • Manufacturer warranty water heater replacement
  • Temperature & Pressure relief valve replacement
  • 3/4″ thermal mixing valve installation
  • Water heater thermocouple replacement
  • Electric water heater thermostat replacement
  • Electric water heater element replacement
  • Electric complete rebuild
  • Water heater fill tube replacement
  • Water heater drain pan installation
  • Owner supplied water heater installation
  • Water heater permit pulled


  • Pressure switch on water pump replacement
  • Whole home plumbing inspection and water heater tune up
  • Water heater tune up and flush (Non tankless)
  • Water heater tune up and flush (Tankless)
  • Dishwasher installation
  • Water line to refrigerator
  • Interior gas line repair and replacement
  • Interior water line repair and replacement

Water Softeners:

  • Reverse osmosis system and dispensing spout repair/replacement
  • Softener for water for taste, odor and water softness repair/replacement
  • Softener/Filtration system repair/replacement
  • Enviro water heater shield device on the water heater supply repair/replacement

Water Line:

  • Main water line replacement/repair

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